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The BFSI sector is experiencing high-speed digital transformation today. There is a profound effect on financial establishments due to the rapid changes in the technological era; and the patrons, especially the Generation Y prefer using the digital channels to engage with them. Therefore, to meet the expectations of constant customer engagement and to stay ahead of the competition from the emerging non-banking players in the market, BFSI service providers need to step up their game.

With over two decades of experience and a brand that believes in evolving with time, Inspirisys helps in bringing in digital disruption the BFSI segment needs. Partnering with the leading platform vendors, we help build best of breed solutions.

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Public Cloud Services Ecosystem

Public cloud services delivers compute, storage, data and network resources in a self-service, highly automated fashion. The leading public cloud providers also offer platform as a service (PaaS) capabilities and other cloud software infrastructure services as part of an integrated IaaS + PaaS offering. However, there is still need for IT operations management (ITOM) to ensure cloud infrastructure, platform and software services deliver what the businesses need.

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Centralized vs decentralized systems

If the current IoT paradigm continues (devices connected via centralized cloud storage and processing service), then systems are likely to become increasingly bloated, as data volumes, as well as the number of connected devices, continue to increase. These cloud services are likely to become bottlenecks as the amount of data pumped through them increases.

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